Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning builds skills that extend far beyond those needed in traditional science fields. Quality STEM experiences will empower your child to pursue varied interests, move into any industry with valuable skill sets and become a confident problem solver in any area of life.


Classes vary by session.

Professor Egghead: Detectives

Something mysterious is happening at the Academy! Cookies have been snatched, trophies have been taken, a mascot is missed, a notebook has vanished into thin air, and most importantly- Professor Egghead’s prized portriat has been STOLEN! Come join the Egghead Detective Squad this session as we dust for prints, decode messages, analyze DNA, and use real forensic science techniques to crack the cases.

Professor Egghead: Mega Machines

Think you’ve got what it takes to be an Egghead Machine Engineer?! Using LEGO, students will design and build real mega machines like spinning windmills, lifting cranes, elebvators, cars, and way more. We’ll use wheels, bands, gears, pulleys, and tons of other cool specialty LEGO pieces to build our machines, and then after the building phase is complete we’ll put them to the test.

LEGO Engineering: Super Structures

Come join the Engineering Team as we design and build huge structures! Using LEGO™, students will build mega bridges that can withstand over 4 lbs. of weight, 4-foot tall skyscrapers, awesome lighthouses, and tons more. Then, we’ll try to knock ’em down, crush them, and put them to the test!

Professor Egghead: Explorers

Strap on your gear, grab your binoculars, and join the Explorer Squad as we fizz, pop, mix, and experiment our way around the Earth! As Egghead Explorers, students will make a sundial to keep track of the time, a flashlight to see in the dark, fake tar pits, fossils, volcanoes, snow, magnetic cars, and tons more.

Amusement Park LEGO Engineering

Using LEGO™, we’ll build huge spinning Merry-Go-Rounds, Mega Ferris Wheels, Speeding Roller Coasters, and everything in between as we create giant Amusement Parks! Then, we’ll test our creations like a real theme park engineering would!

Egghead Engineering: Ancient Wonders

We’re going back in ancient history to build huge engineering marvels! Using LEGOs, students will build awesome ancient creations like aqueducts and giant coliseums. Then, we’ll test them with the crush test, the weight test, and all of our other tests to make sure they can stand up to the challenge! 

Professor Egghead: Inventors

Students become real-life inventors as they experiment with awesome inventions like helicopters, hovercraft, rockets, and catapults and learn the science behind what makes them work! Then they’ll create their very own inventions to take home at the end of each class.

LEGO Engineering: Crazy Contraptions

Ready to become a master Engineer? This session we’re pulling out all the stops and creating Crazy Contraptions! Each week there is a new engineering challenge for our Egghead Engineering Team to design, build and test their way through.

Egghead Engineering: Amusement Parks

Step into the gates, strap on your seatbelt, and come join the Egghead Amusement Park Engineering Team! Each class, Eggheads will try to pass a new Lego engineering challenge by designing, building, and then testing crazy rides and attractions. Using a wide variety of Lego bricks and specialty pieces, we’ll build huge spinning Merry-Go-Rounds, Mega Ferris Wheels, Water Slides, Drop Towers, and everything in between as we design giant Amusement Parks! Then, we’ll test our creations like a real theme park engineering team by spinning, sliding, and breaking down our builds. At the end of the session, they’ll receive their official “Park Engineer Degree” – proving they’re ready to build the toughest challenges!

Astronaut Engineering

Students will set off rockets, make huge chemical reactions, make lava slime, look for life and rocks on other planets, recycle water in space, and make out of this world volcanoes on their way to becoming astronauts!

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