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Youth Sports and Fitness

At the Community Center of La Cañada Flintridge, we’re passionate about nurturing young athletes and fostering a love for sports. In collaboration with an incredible team of coaches, we offer a dynamic range of sports programs designed to engage, challenge, and inspire children of various ages.

Classes may vary per session.

Basketball Blitz

Students learn or build on their existing skills in the fundamentals of passing, shooting, and rebounding in both offensive and defensive play through drills set in a non-competitive environment. At the end of each class players will scrimmage using their newly-acquired skills.

Dodgeball Blitz

Kids love the game because it’s pure fun, and coaches love it because it improves throwing, catching, quickness, coordination, teamwork and sportsmanship. We use foam balls that are designed specifically for Dodgeball with safety in mind.

Flag Football Blitz

Boys and girls have an opportunity to engage in skill development, football techniques, and non-contact continuous action! We use unique drills and dynamic scrimmages to emphasize teamwork, strengthen character, and build the confidence that athletes need to succeed.


This program allows beginners to learn the basics of the sport of Lacrosse while we emphasize the important concepts of team spirit, cooperation, and competition! We focus on cementing the fundamental basics while sparking fun + enthusiasm for learning the sport of Lacrosse.

Martial Arts

Kempo (or Kenpo) is a martial arts style that is a style that emphasizes punches, kicks and throws/standing locks. Your child will learn to trust themselves in various situations including physical, verbal or otherwise, preaching that non-violence is the priority.

Mini Sports Blitz

Not sure what sport to start with? Get a taste of a little bit of everything! In this action packed class. Kids will learn the fundamentals of soccer, t-ball, and more, through no pressure games and mini scrimmages in a fun-filled learning environment.

Preschool Allstars

Your little one will be playing various sports, learning new fundamentals, and scrimmaging. Get ready to have a blast playing your favorite games and learning new ones.

Soccer Blitz

Your child will learn the basics of soccer through drills and practice games in a positive learning environment. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, safety and fun.

Grassroots Soccer

From mastering the basics to refining advanced techniques, our program is tailored to help players evolve their game at their own pace.

T-Ball Blitz

In this introductory class, young athletes learn T-Ball’s basic skills; including throwing, catching, running bases, and hitting off the tee. Participants will also learn the importance of good sportsmanship and team spirit in this non-competitive environment.

Tennis for Kids

Students will learn how to properly hold a tennis racket, forehand and backhand swing techniques, and rules of the game through instruction, drills, and practice matches on the courts.

Tennis for Teens: Beginner

This class is for teens with little to no experience playing tennis. Students will be taught tennis specific movements while learning the forehand, backhand and volleys with an intro to tracking the ball, rallying, serving and game play.

Tennis for Teens: Intermediate

Stroke technique will continue to be refined in this class for kids with previous tennis experience. There will be a deeper focus on tracking the ball, rallying, serving and game play. We will use a youth low compression green dot balls or adult tennis balls, depending on progression.

Adult & Senior Sports and Fitness

At the Community Center of La Canada Flintridge we are expanding our Adult and Senior Sports and Fitness programs that cater to the diverse needs and interests of individuals in different age groups. These programs are designed to promote physical activity, social interaction, and overall well-being.

Classes may vary per session.

Balance Fit

This program includes exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen those muscles that are responsible for healthy balance. Regular participation can decrease the risks of falling, increase your confidence, help maintain an independent lifestyle, and improve your vitality and quality of life.

Intramural Kickball

Looking to get out and stretch in the middle of your work week? Join us as we bring you a good old-fashioned game of kickball! Get a group of friends or coworkers together and get out onto the field as you reclaim your grade school dominance of kickball! All skill levels welcome.

Pickleball for Beginners

Pickleball is a dynamic game that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, played on a smaller court with a paddle and a plastic ball. It’s easy to learn and offers plenty of opportunities for fun and friendly competition.

Pickleball II (Intermediate)

Learn how to elevate your pickleball skills with our intermediate class taught by a certified Pickleball Instructor. Class includes 45 minutes of practice/skill work and then 45 minutes of guided play for the rest of the class.

Tai Chi

Improve your balance, mobility, strength, and flexibility with the practice of Tai Chi. This gentle movement strengthens those muscles in the legs which are primary for reliable balance. Focusing the mind on slow movement reduces stress, produces mental calm, and restores energy and vitality.


Flex & Flow Yoga incorporates flowing poses to improve strength and flexibility, as well as longer holds to relax and lengthen muscles. This format will allow new students a chance to explore poses and more experienced students a chance to take the poses to a deeper level. Classes are designed to be safe, inclusive, well-rounded, and fun!.

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