Taking Things Apart

Taking Things Apart & Tool Box Decorating Party

Why are there no "My Little Pony" tool boxes, or "Frozen" tool boxes, or "Spiderman" tool boxes? After this class, there will be. You get to decorate your very own tool box using stickers and markers (feel free to bring your own stickers if you're attached to a particular theme/franchise). The tool box is yours to take home. Then you can learn how things work by the simple act of taking things apart. We provide all the tools, safety gear, and expertise. Just bring an unloved small appliance or old toy to take apart (we have extras if you don't have one).

Winter I: January 28
Saturday 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Age: 5+ Parent required to attend.
Instructor: Kids Building Things, a collaboration of local engineers, artists, and DIYers that teach kids how to use tools, how things work, and how to build their own inventions.
Fee: $35 per child

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