Toaster Cannons (NEW!)

What's better than taking something apart? Making something even cooler with the pieces! In this class we'll take apart a brand new pop toaster to see how it works. Then we'll try to soup it up to not just pop out toast, but shoot it high in the air. Springs, fasteners, tools, and scrap material will be provided to enable students to come up with their own creative hands-on solutions. Students will learn about springs and spring configurations (parallel and serial). Then they will compete for the highest launching design. There's a record out there for 15ft, and the KBT team was able to do about 7ft at our last practice session...but we think you can do even better. If there is extra time, students will also be able to modify their toasters to print images on their toast. Each student will get to keep their own toaster. This class requires one parent per family to attend.

Winter I: March 11
Saturday 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Age: 9+ (parent must attend)
Instructor: Kids Building Things, a collaborative of engineers, teachers, hobbyists, and other professionals who provide opportunities to kids where they can learn how to use tools and how to build things.
Fee: $35 for the one day workshop. Toaster included.

Availability on this program may be limited or expired.
Please contact the Community Center via phone for more details.